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30-Day Personal Brand Accelerator for Financial Advisors

30-Day Personal Brand Accelerator for Financial Advisors

Launch your personal brand FAST and WITHOUT it being complicated or costing TENs of THOUSANDS of dollars.


As a full time financial advisor myself, I only have a limited number of hours in the week to work with other advisors, to give the best experience possible. This is not a marketing trick, I genuinely don't have any more time I can give at the moment.

why I Care

I don't need you to do this for me. I'm building my own brand and practice regardless if you choose to move forward with this or not. But a year will go by nonetheless, and you can choose to see the difference your actions made, or be in the same spot you are now.

You've hired marketing firms. You've bought courses. You've listened to the podcasts. And it still hasn't worked. That's because most people want you to rely on them, and when you're done  you have very little to show for all the money you've invested. I am fundamentally against that. I want you to NOT need me after your first 30 days. You will have all the tools, skillsets, and resources you NEED to continue building your brand. 

​There's so much information out there, so most advisors get struck with analysis paralysis and information overload. These 30 days are meant to streamline everything, remove the noise, and get your online presence recognized.

"Do I Even Need A Personal Brand?"

First we need to define what a brand is. A brand is simply what people associate you with. It’s what they think of you when you’re not in the room. Your brand shows your target audience why YOU’RE good for THEM. It sells for you before you talk to them, it builds rapport before you even reach out to your prospects.

You’re likely here because you know if you don’t exist in the online world, your business won’t survive.  You already have a brand, just no one knows it yet. It’s a matter of learning how to take it to the next level.

According to a study from BNY Mellon and Pershing, 60% of clients can’t tell the difference between advisors. They all make the same promises, they all sound and look the same online...

That’s why you’re here. You don’t want to be an advisor that looks like everyone else. You want to have a brand your clients respect, a brand people are proud to talk about.

94% of advisors are using social media for their business (according to Putnam Investments LLC). How you stand out from the majority is a different story. It’s going from being top of mind, to being top of preference.

So do you even need a personal brand? Let’s face it; you’re here because you already know the answer to that question.

Here's Why Most Advisors Don't Build Their Personal Brand Online

Little To No Strategy

It can feel really overwhelming, and without a clear plan or strategy advisors simply give up and stick with what they know best.


"It Takes Too Much Time..."

This is a common myth. And it's because you don't know what to do. So you end up not posting anything, but still feel like you're falling behind because everyone else has a "brand" online and you don't.

Lack Of Execution

Practice makes permanent. That's one of the main things advisors will get out of this Accelerator. A clear game plan on the next move, how to create and post your content, and strategies on how to drive traffic to your social media.

No Accountability

It's very hard to stay consistent when you're not held accountable. That's how you built your practice, so why would the same principle not apply to your brand?

In This Accelerator You Will...

  • Gain an understanding of Social Media and which platforms you should be utilizing.
  • ​Get crystal clear about who your target audience is
  • ​Streamline your content creation so that it won't take up HOURS of your time
  • ​Be equipped with the tools and develop skillsets to build a strong online presence that people will talk about offline
  • ​Trade in feelings of intimidation and dread surrounding your brand, content, and social media for that of excitement and creativity
  • ​Develop consistency through achievable action steps

Everything You Get When You Join!

1 in-person/Zoom session per week

You have my undivided focus for 1 personal session every week, whether you choose it to be in-person at my office or over Zoom. Each session will be 60 minutes.

Access to Content Days every Saturday

Every Saturday morning, from 9am-12pm, I open up the office to encourage other professionals to drop in, to work on their brand and content in a low-pressure environment. You will have access to my gear, whiteboards, boardrooms, soundproof booths, as well as complimentary refreshments every weekend. I will also be available for any hands-on Q&A sessions.

Personal Brand Strategy

I will work with you to develop a strategy that identifies what your brand means, different ways to build it, your brand vision, finding and reaching your target audience, and so much more! 

Social Media game plan

We'll be creating a step-by-step game plan to leverage the social media channel(s) that makes sense for you, types of content to post, how to post, how to create content, and much more!

Social Media Audit

I will personally do an audit for your social media accounts to see the different areas we can optimize and maximize efficiency.

Weekly Email Newsletter

You will be added to my newsletter where I will share personal anecdotes, advice, tips, and trends in the industry.

Weekly Accountability Check-Ins

Success requires consistency, and consistency happens when there's accountability. Every week I will touch base to see if there's anything else we need to work on, look at your progress, and celebrate the wins.

Private Facebook Group

You will be added to our exclusive private Facebook group where you can ask questions throughout the week, post your progress, and have private access to content only available to the community. 

You'll Also Get these Amazing Bonuses!

Bonus #1

Complimentary Podcast Session

A 25-minute Podcast Studio Session at the Calgary Petroleum Club with their state-of-the-art studio and equipment.

Bonus #2

Podcast Launch Strategy

Podcasting is one of the greatest hacks for content creation. This includes a strategy and game plan on how to launch your very own podcast!

Bonus #3

Unlimited Content Framework

What if you could have endless amounts of content ideas instead of constantly being mentally stuck? This blueprint will help you unlock unlimited amounts of content.

Here's Everything You'll Get When You Join the Accelerator today!

  • 1 in-person/Zoom session/week ($1,000 Value)​​​​​
  • ​Access to Content Days every Saturday ($500 Value)​
  • ​Personal Brand Strategy ($2,500 Value)
  • ​Social Media game plan ($750 Value)
  • ​Social Media Audit ($250 Value)
  • ​Weekly Email Newsletter ($100 Value)​
  • Weekly Accountability Check-Ins ($400 Value)
  • ​Private Facebook Group ($250 Value)


  • Complimentary Podcast Session ($500 Value)​
  • ​Podcast Launch Strategy ($1,000 Value)
  • ​Unlimited Content Framework ($100 Value)

Total Value: $7,350

Join Today for Just:


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Why Me? 

Valid question. I’m not a social media “guru” that’s trying to sell a course. I still run my practice full time and have been for the last 6+ years, as well as sit on the board with Advocis Calgary.  These strategies I’m sharing I’ve implemented myself. Focusing on my personal brand has helped me grow my practice online, be able to do projects and events with brands like Ferrari and Maserati, and even meet my wife! (biggest win to date)

On top of that, my wife and I have invested over $40,000 in coaching and courses this past year to learn about tools and strategies pertaining to our business and brand.

I received an honorary diploma in marketing and communication from a private university in Guatemala for teaching their business students about personal branding.

And if that isn’t enough, I’m also certified by LinkedIn themselves for marketing.

All this to say, I’m walking the talk, and I want to help you do the same.

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